HRD Mud Bog

HRD Mud Bog
This is our first event, please bare with us as we feel our way through it.
Race Day : September 20th 2014

Gates opens at 7am

Pit is 300′

100% payback in every class

$10 per head, 8 and under free.

Coolers free, no glass bottles

Grills $10

> There is concession available

> There is a 5 mph ground speed in all grassed areas, NO EXCEPTIONS!!!

> Pit parking is $25 and limited to 30 spots, first come first serve. 10′ x 10′ tents only.

> 4 wheelers r welcome on the property for an additional $10 and r free to ride the 13.5 miles of trails, intermediate track, and kids track  for the mud bog only. You must wear a DOT approved helmet and at least leather boots. MX tracks are off limits to all 4 wheelers, no exceptions.

> Any spectator, racer, or crew wishing to fight or disrespect others or cause issues will be DISQUALIFIED and REMOVED from the property and may face charges from local law enforcement.

> Track officials have the final say, have the right to turn anyone or any vehicle deemed unsafe.

> No driver or pit member is allowed past starting line beside pit after the bog has started.

> No passengers in any class

> Helmets and neck braces required in all classes.

> All participants must have a cable hook up with latch to secure the pull cable.

> Seat belts must be worn in all classes.

> 5 min window to get to starting line after your number has been called.

> 4 wheelers will run at 9 am sharp until done, trucks will start at 12 pm sharp.

> Our goal is to be finished by dark, we do not have lights in this area.

> 4 wheeler classes, entry fee is $20, u can class up if u choose.

Up to 300cc
300 – 500cc
500 – 800cc
800cc and up

The 4 wheeler classes will run first in the am, and will not be run during the truck event.

> This race is a mud bog!!!

> No cut or paddle tires in ANY class!

> All trucks must be equipped with a fire extinguisher.

> At this time HRD is not set up to run skimmers, blowers, or turbos, we have no guard railing. The safety of the spectators is of the most importance. We simply r not ready for the big guns. We want to start out with mostly street class, super street, modified and mega type trucks and keep the contestants in the pit.
HRD has the right to DQ trucks that r deemed to extreme in the motor category.

The classes run as such;

(Street Class truck)

1) DOT approved daily driver with insurance and a tag, proof in hand.
2) Unmodified suspension other than lift kits.
3) Uncut – full body and interior
4) Legal exhaust
5) Tech inspected
6) No passengers
7) Helmet required

3 different classes for street class
0 – 36 in tires
37 – 40 in tires
40 in and up

(Super Street truck)

1) DOT approved tag and insurance, proof in hand.
2) Uncut – full body and interior
3) Unmodified suspension other than lift kits.
4) Unmodified chassis
5) Legal exhaust
6) Engine mods ok, must be a street able engine.
7) Tech inspected

3 different classes for super street
0 – 36 in tires
37 – 40 in tires
40 in and up

(Modified truck)

1) Cut bodies ok
2) Roll cage required
3) chassis mods ok
4) Suspension mods ok
5) Cut off switch required in accessible location.
6) Drive shaft loops required
7) Fuel cell required
8) Tech inspected
9) nitrous ok

3 different classes for modified
0 – 36 in tires
37 – 40 in tires
40 in and up

(Mega truck)

1) Military axle ok
2) Roll cage required
3) Cut off switch required
4) Fuel cell required
5) Run what u brung
6) 40″ and up on tires uncut
7) tractor style tires allowed
8) nitrous allowed